Criminal Law

Kelly W. Case has been practicing law for over 19 years. He understands the law and is committed to helping clients like you seek resolutions to your personal and professional challenges.

We listen to our clients and we're proud to say that professionalism is our hallmark. We strive to exceed each client's expectations and surpass the bounds of fertile representation by providing the highest level of service and legal defense possible.

We put our clients' needs first. We handle all types of cases from Capital Murder to misdemeanor violations. We dedicate our focus and bring our attention to detail to bear for your benefit. Your case will get the commitment it deserves. Kelly W. Case has extensive experience with the media and can handle high-profile cases and we will ensure your privacy and dignity are maintained.

Our practice areas include:

  • White Collar Crimes
  • Drug Possession/Distribution
  • Theft
  • Aggravated Assault/Assault
  • Sexual Assault/Indecency
  • Medicaid/Healthcare Fraud
  • Securities Fraud
  • Corporate Investigation
  • Murder/Capital Murder

White Collar Crimes

You are never backed into a corner. There is always a way out. Take on the government with early, creative trial strategy designed and executed by a proven law firm. Kelly W. Case has a well-established record of doing exactly that. To be sure, every criminal defense case is unique and there is no formula for success. But Kelly W. Case's trial skills can make a difference, whether defending white-collar crime charges, government investigations, fraud charges, corporate litigation or violent crime allegations.

Kelly W. Case focuses exclusively on two things: (1) obtaining dismissals of criminal charges and claims in the early stages of a criminal case or investigation and (2) winning cases at trial. This defense model differs from many law firms because Kelly W. Case only accepts a select number of cases each year and dedicates to each of them a cohesive team of investigators and outside experts. The team is led by the firm's principal and managing partner Kelly W. Case, who founded the firm with the goal of attaining excellence in the field of criminal defense.

There are only a select few attorneys that have the knowledge and capability to successfully defend these cases. Because of the enormous amount of evidence that is usually associated with the defense of a white-collar case, you need someone who relies on the most current technology and can successfully defend you with the latest technological advances. The use of technology provides swift access to the tools needed to successfully defend these cases.

These cases require someone with the knowledge and background to understand the complexities involved. As a former Series 7 and 27 Securities Principal, and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), Kelly W. Case has the knowledge and understanding to successfully defend the most complex and enormous white collar cases.

Drug Possession/Distribution

The state of Texas has very strict drug laws and penalties. Any person who is charged with a drug crime is susceptible to life altering legal consequences such as imprisonment, monetary fines, or probation. Drug crime convictions can show up on a person's criminal record and negatively impact their career, education, and housing opportunities. Additionally, there are numerous collateral consequences such as loss of driving privileges including the suspension of your driver's license.

This is why it is very important to retain a top-notch criminal lawyer. A Board Certified Criminal Lawyer can investigate your case, provide you with options, and ensure that your rights are not violated.

Kelly W. Case has handled a variety of drug crime cases involving the following: manufacturing of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, possession of a controlled substance. Kelly W. Case has represented clients facing drug charges at all levels of State and Federal Court. Kelly W. Case is a member of the Federal District Court for the Southern and Eastern Districts of Texas, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

Our firm has helped numerous clients successfully challenge their serious drug crime charges. Whether you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor drug crime at the State or Federal level, Kelly W. Case should be your first call.

Aggravated Assault/Assault

With more than 18 years experience as a criminal trial lawyer, Kelly W. Case has successfully defended numerous clients charged with Aggravated Assault and Assault. Beginning as a prosecutor, Kelly W. Case has built a reputation for excellence in the courtroom.

No two cases are alike and only a seasoned trial lawyer can determine the weaknesses of the State's case. Only a criminal law specialist will be able to turn the State's weaknesses into the reasonable doubt necessary for a successful defense.

Our firm is dedicated to the highest standards of representation. We are frequently called upon to represent people in "hopeless" cases; cases that even the client does not think they can win. We use the best experts from around the State and United States, when necessary to defend our clients. We make extensive use of our team of investigators to ferret out every possible defense that can turn the case in your favor.

We believe that a plea is a last resort, not a first. Our successful litigation strategy has secured favorable verdicts for our clients charged with every level of crime.

Aggravated Assault and assault cases in Texas can carry some hefty penalties. You need a trial lawyer to successfully represent your interests to the prosecuting attorney.

When you need a lawyer that will really fight for your rights, call Kelly W. Case.

Sexual Assault/Indecency

A person who has been arrested or who is under investigation for a sex crime has an important decision to make. The choice of a lawyer can mean the difference between prison and freedom.

Kelly W. Case is skilled, aggressive and determined to obtain favorable outcomes in every case he handles. In your case, we will fight for your rights and freedom.

Our criminal defense firm has extensive experience in all types of sex crime cases. These have included cases involving sexual abuse, rape, child molestation, indecent exposure and prostitution.

Our firm represents clients at all stages of the legal process. We represent clients who are under investigation, but for whom charges have not yet been filed— to help them avoid making statements that can harm their interests. After an arrest, we work to get the charge dropped or reduced. We are experienced plea negotiators and strong trial advocates.

Kelly W. Case will provide a strong defense for you. As a former prosecutor, he knows what the State will be seeking to prove and how the police will attempt to interrogate you to obtain the most favorable evidence for them, not you.

Do not speak with a police officer or investigator without first talking with a criminal defense lawyer. If the police want to talk with you, they are in the process of collecting evidence that could be used against you.

We can advise you about how to respond in a way that protects you. If a loved one has been arrested, we can represent you in jail court to obtain the release of the accused or to get a lower bail.

Call us to talk about your case. We are ready to fight for you.

Medicaid/Healthcare Fraud

As the American health care system has become more complex, state and federal charges of health care fraud have increased exponentially. Often, government agencies suspect health care fraud has occurred, when health care professionals have in fact only committed errors. At other times, true fraud has occurred. In both instances, an experienced and vigorous legal defense is needed.

Kelly W. Case can provide you with experienced criminal defense. Mr. Case's goal is to prevent you from being charged once an investigation begins. If you are the target of an investigation, our office will work effectively with the goal of averting charges, having your charges reduced or dismissed, or winning full acquittal in court.

Kelly W. Case believes in vigorously defending all cases form the start of his representation. The sooner we can become involved in a case, the greater the chance for a successful defense.

It does not have to feel like you are standing in front of an oncoming train, if you hire the right lawyer – one who is experienced and focused on defending criminal cases.

Securities Fraud

Most clients accused of this type of crime have never been subjected to an arrest and have no idea how to deal with the sort of accusations that will be brought to bear upon them. It is not unusual for you to feel overwhelmed when facing these charges.

Being able to talk to a lawyer that understands and has the skill and experience to defend you against the government when facing this type of accusation is the most important decision you will make. Your lawyer should understand what's at stake is not just a criminal charge, but also your ability to work.

As a former Series 7 and 27 Licensed Principle, Kelly W. Case has worked in the brokerage field and has worked at successfully defending clients accused of these crimes. His unique background affords him the opportunity to understand your concerns and appropriately address them while positioning your case for the best possible defense.

These charges can kill your career and the most important decision you will make is your choice of a lawyer. Make the right one!

Our firm is dedicated to making sure that no one is wrongfully convicted. We will fight the charges against you at every step and force the government to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

We will protect your rights and your livelihood.

Corporate Investigation

The continually changing regulatory regime in the United States is a serious issue for local, national and international businesses. When it comes to regulatory issues it is not enough to obtain advice from non-specialist lawyers or from accountants. We advise our clients on the powers of all the regulators and how to deal with them.

In the event of a regulatory breach, businesses face criminal sanctions, financial penalties and damage to corporate reputations and trust. Personal liability for directors is also high on the regulatory agenda - if this is not properly managed, a successful prosecution often results in severe fines or even in imprisonment. It is essential that specialist legal advice be obtained from those with highly relevant experience. With the increasing use by regulators of their compulsory powers to obtain information, ensuring that the advice you receive is covered by legal professional privilege has never been more important.

Kelly W. Case will represent you at every stage of proceedings, including before any regulatory or criminal charges have been filed, during the active management of any charges filed and in any appellate matter, which may arise.

As Board Certified Criminal Lawyer and former Series 7 and Series 27, license holder, Kelly W. Case understands the regulatory environment and will vigorously defend you at all levels of State and Federal courts and regulatory agencies.

Murder/Capital Murder

Texas is the capital of the death penalty states. Texas executes more people than any other State. Finding yourself accused of Capital Murder or Murder demands that you hire a lawyer that is qualified and certified to handle the most serious criminal charge there is. Only the top lawyers can handle this type of case. The reason is that the State has enormous resources at its disposal and the prosecution will seek to do everything possible to obtain a conviction. To defend a charge of Capital Murder or Murder, you must have a powerful trial team for your legal counsel. Your lawyer must have access to the best investigators, medical, psychological and evidentiary experts from several different fields.

We have tried these cases and are thoroughly familiar with all areas of defending these cases. From the date you hire Kelly W. Case and his legal team, you can rest assured that the best possible defense will be mounted on your behalf.

Murder cases typically attract media attention. We have handled many high-profile violent crime cases. We understand the challenges of working with print and broadcast media while ensuring our client receives a fair trial.

As a Board Certified Criminal Lawyer, Kelly W. Case has the experience, knowledge and the talent to provide you with the security and confidence that your trial team is working for you. From the very beginning, we are determined to provide you with the fullest defense possible. The day we are hired, we begin filing motions and notices to the various law enforcement agencies involved in your case, in order to preserve ALL of your defense evidence.

Our strategy is best defined as vigorous. We work to insure that you will have the best chance for a successful defense in your case, no matter how strong the prosecution's case may be.

We work with only the top experts in their fields from across the country to give you the best chance to win your case.

We begin by requesting a reasonable bond and by demanding that ALL of the evidence be preserved for your defense. We immediately meet with DA personnel and attempt to obtain as much information about your case as possible so that we can begin to conduct our own investigation. We do not rest until we are certain that your rights have been protected and you will get the fair trial guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. Hiring the wrong lawyer can subject you to the full range of punishment, which in Texas can be financial bankruptcy, life in prison or the ultimate penalty, the death penalty.

Kelly W. Case has defended some of the most serious cases imaginable in the last 15 years, including clients charged with Capital Murder and Murder in numerous cases. He has the experience to lead your defense and the ability to provide you with the best defense possible.

Other Cases

Kelly W. Case is a Board Certified Criminal Lawyer. Our firm handles all levels of crimes in both federal and state courts. If you do not see your specific charge listed, please feel free to call us for help. If you are charged with a crime in the State of Texas or in Federal District Court, we will defend you.

In order to ensure a fair, honest and capable defense, Kelly W. Case will bring in the right experts to build your case. His experience and resources will deliver quality experts, including:

  • Pharmacologists, PHD
  • Doctors in toxicology
  • Field sobriety experts
  • Former police officers
  • Former police officers / experts in Intoxilyzer
  • Other attorneys – Law experts
  • Personal Physicians
  • Pathologists
  • Accident reconstruction experts
  • Use of Force experts – Former P.O. / martial art experts
  • Mitigation expert / family history
  • And more.