The Voice of Experience

Why hire an attorney?

The biggest mistake you can make is to assume that “just because you can talk” that “you can represent yourself against the court.” A qualified, dedicated attorney will provide a number of valuable services in your defense, including:

  • Preserve evidence
  • Discovery
  • Report reviews
  • Video review
  • Medical records review
  • Experts
  • Theory of the defense
  • File review
  • Able to navigate the judicial system – knows the key constituents
  • Files motions
  • Requests info from state agencies
  • Work towards court date
  • Identify witnesses
  • Jury selection

If there is no attorney on your side, you’ll experience many pitfalls, including:

  • The process becomes very prolonged at first court appearance
  • Will plead or go on to trial representing themselves
  • Miss windows of opportunity (ALR, independent tests)
  • With no attorney the risk of the prosecutor not even interviewing you exists
  • No experts to help with the case